Cloud Storage

"owncloud" is a free and open source software system that centralizes file synchronisation between your computing devices and enables sharing them with virtually everyone. Derivatives of such "cloud storage" services are available from commercial vendors under brand names google drive, dropbox and so on.

Before starting to use cloud storage services please read the user documentation to familiarize yourself with the available features and their usage. User manual is located at address [1] and it is also available via the "help" link [2] that is accessible after login.
Please note that "version control","deleted files" and "files encryption" functions along with "mediaplayer" and "backup" applications are disabled at this time.

owncloud services are located at addresses [3] and [3'] and any one of them can be used. To login, enter your e-mail address without the "" part as username and proceed with the same password you use for signing into boun e-mail services.

All users are granted 3GB of storage space by default, with a maximum file size constraint of 1GB. These quotas and limits are subject to change in the future and we have a daily backup policy for the files (and the files only) with a retention time of 6 months.

This service should be considered in "beta" stage and any file residing in a cloud storage service should be considered publicly accessible. Also note that 5 failed login attempts in 30 minutes will result in a ban of the offending IP address for 30 minutes from cloud services.

Further information and announcements about cloud storage services are available at [4'] address and you can use issue tracking system [5] for all your enquiries. 

This service is only available to instructors at this time.