Computer Support

Computer Center provides hardware and software support to devices that have inventory number and used by academic and administrative staff. When you encounter a problem with your device, you should post your request by using the Issue Tracking System on

After posting your request into the system, an information e-mail will be sent that the request is received. An e-mail stating that your request has been completed will be sent when process is completed. In demand for software and hardware support; according to your demand order, you will be reached by phone or staff will come to your place to determine the problem. If the problem can not be resolved in the place, you will be asked to send your device to Computer Center . 

In this case;

Needs to be done, prompted to send your device to Computer Center;

  • Back up your information.
  • Enter a note stating issue request number and staff name on your device.
  • Please, send computer or printer installation CDs and the password together.

What should I do if my device within warranty?
If the device has hardware failure within warranty coverage, redirect it to the company purchased.


Computer Center Service Policy :

  • Without the problem of your device being detected by BIM support staff, it should not be sent to BIM.
  • The person who delivers the device is responsible for the any problems that may occur until the device is being delivered to BIM or after BIM returns back the device.
  • BIM Software Support Unit do not install any software without a license within the university's computers that have an inventory number.

Licensed software: 
Microsoft products (Windows XP, Office 2003, 2007)
Kaspersky Antivirus
Depending on demand, SPSS, Matlab, Amos, Answer Tree

Nero, winrar, Java, Adobe Reader

  • Within our University's staff, the relevant personnel are responsible for the licensing of software (The University's legally licensed programs are excluded) that is installed in their computers.
  • Unless otherwise indicated BIM only backup "My Documents" / "My Files" folder in the event that the operating system must be reinstalled. Also BIM is not responsible for backup, copying the custom software and the data loss outside of that.
  • BIM does not accept any responsibility for devices that are not taken within 10 days, after the device is repaired and the person is noticed.
  • In case of waiting for spare parts after the failure detection, the device should be taken back, and when the need is met the same issue request should be created again by that person.
  • The device must be delivered during the working hours.