Wireless Network Authentication System at Dormitories

  • Wireless Network Authentication System

    To secure our wireless network while preventing unauthenticated access and fulfill our obligations stated in law number 5651, "Wireless Network Authentication System" is now activated.

    This system requires you to use username and password of your university e-mail account to access wireless network services in campuses.

    1. You will not have any services which requires internet access such as Windows Update, Antivirus update, MSN, FTP etc. until you authenticate using "Wireless Network Authentication System".
    2. To obtain internet access, you will need to open a browser(e.g Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) browse a valid internet site(e.g. www.bogazici.edu.tr) which will automatically redirect you to login page. In this page you need to enter your university e-mail username and password to authenticate.
    3. You may see a security certificate warning, before you can view the login page. You can accept the warning to be able to view the login page or you can install certificate to your computer. To install the certificate, see the installation steps by clicking here.
    4. If you install the certificate once, you will be able to view login page without further security warnings.
    5. In login page, you need to use your university e-mail account username without @bogazici.edu.tr. (e.g. if your e-mail address is abcdef@bogazici.edu.tr, enter username as abcdef). As password, enter your e-mail account password.
    6. Wireless network users are assumed to agree Bogazici University Boun-Net Terms of Use. To view Boun-Net Terms of Use click here.  
    7. Regarding the matter, you can contact us at wireless@bogazici.edu.tr
  • The Dormitories that are included in Wireless Network Authentication System
    • 1. North Dormitory

    • 2. North Dormitory

    • 3. North Dormitory

    • 4. North Dormitory

    • 1. Women's Dormitory

    • 1. Men's Dormitory

    • Uçaksavar Dormitory